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Join October's Constellation Challenge!

Yoga Asana

"Even though it's simple, it doesn't mean that it's easy."
It's simple. Come as much (or as little, but not that's not really what we're going for) as you can/want and whoever has the most class attendance at the end of the month, wins dope prizes. 
Anyone can purchase. Anyone can play the game. Which means, at the very least, you get a month of unlimited classes. 
Yes, everyone pays $77 for unlimited classes , whether you are a member or have a class pack. Why? Because we wanted to offer good prizes and concurrently run it as a special! #keepinitreal
This most likely won't be easy. Simple.  Not easy. That's where the change happens. 
Either you take it slow and steady to make 30+ classes, as not to work with ego and respect your body and practice. Or you take as many classes as feels good for you this month, and the prize of that might be getting more in touch with your body and inner voice.
This is also about community. We've seen such success with strangers, who become students, who become friends, who become accountability partners in crime! Support each other, lift one another up!
See? Everyone wins.
But also, PRIZES:

      Participate for just $77 and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes!

   •    1st Place: A gift certificate to the favorite restaurant of your choice in Santa Cruz!
   •    2nd Place: Two tickets to our Winter Solstice Hafla.
   •    3rd Place: Your choice of any of our BRAND NEW EC Gear! Drops at the end of October!


   •    Weekly check-ins and updates every Sunday. We  will be keeping track of everyone's progress in Mindbody , but also.... a super cute poster you add your name to and gold stars a la 5th grade style, make sure you don't forget to add one after every class and watch your galaxy grow.

  Winner will be announced on Nov. 1st!

  Follow us on social media for daily inspiration. Share your journey using #ConstellationChallenge.

Register below.

Yoga Class in Santa Cruz
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