Blinding Diamonds

Welcome to our Holiday Sale!
true inner and outer beauties are colliding!


With offerings of hair, yoga, ayurvedic treatments, and acupuncture!

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   Some more cute lil' Packages

Your Night Out  $130

  • Facial cupping/Gua Sha 

  • Hair Bath & Blow Dry Styling 

  120 mins total 


The Jeweled Crown Care $210

  • Ear Seed Sparkle or Tooth Gem 

  • Shirodhara 

  • Hair Bath & Blow Dry 

New Year, New You; A Collaborative Consultation (food based )

Health coaching Free 30m min consult and $99/month for 2 50 min sessions/month for 6 months

1 initial TCM Herbal Consult and 1 Virtual Follow up + 1 month supply of custom Herbal Prescription(tincture or granules) $100​


**please contact us for booking

Wishing everyone a virtuous and bountiful holiday season. and by that, we mean a warm-hearted and gracious attitude, free from judgements and full of empathic moments. not an impatient and demanding reality.

 as we move to a higher level of benevolent grace, please take care of  each other.

your presence is needed in the world today.