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Lash Extensions & Waxing
with Lauren Mountain

Lash Menu

Get ready to bat those lashes, baby! Our Lash Extension services will have you looking like a million bucks with Classic, Volume, and Hybrid

styles to choose from. Lauren will make you look and feel like a  queen - just don't blame us when you can't stop fluttering your eyes at everyone.


$85 a hour

Full Lash Sets.

Classic, Hybrid or Volume.

Appointment time: between 1-2 hours.  

Lash Fills.

Classic, Hybrid or Volume.

Appointment time: 1 hr.


Lash Lifts and Tint.

Appointment time: 1 hr

Waxing Menu

Get ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair with our waxing service! Lauren will help you achieve the perfect brows, a flawless face, and a smooth upper lip - because, let's be honest, nobody wants a mustache. Unless you're a male pornstar from the 70's. Then you pretty much need a mustache.



Brow wax and shape  $30
Full face wax  $50
Lip  $10
Chin  $10
Nostrils  $10
Brow wax  $20
Brow tint  $20

Lauren works 8:45-2pm every Tuesday/Friday and 10:30-2 every other Saturday

About Lauren...

lauren .jpeg

A Santa Cruz native who’s ventured up and down the coastline of California only to call Santa Cruz her forever home.  She always wanted to find a way to express her ability to connect authenticity to people in some form of service.  As a child Lauren was empathetic to people’s emotions and sensitive to their energy.  
After achieving degree’s in psychology and nursing, she soon realized that these fields were very taxing on her own mental health and began a journey of healing, meditation, and falling in love with herself again.  A spiritual journey into a better understanding of what acts of service would connect her better to her clients and be fulfilling without draining her as well.  
After 8 years of being an esthetician beautifying her clients with lashes and other self care services, a few things are most likely going to happen when you work with her:

First off,  nothing makes her happier than making other woman feel beautiful and watch as they reclaim their power. The transformation is a sight to see. So expect to elevate your aura with some lovely beautifications that are done tastefully and with emphasis on enhancing your natural beauty not taking away from it.
Then get ready to completely let your guard down.  If you want to connect with her authentically and express life’s ups and downs to a loving confidant, she will listen without judgement and help guide you through to the other side. Her spiritual path and empathetic heart loves to connect with her clients on this level for it’s in these moments we learn how to love ourselves more and both evolve through better understanding. If you’re not in the mood for vibing and haven’t got a chance to meditate just let her know and she will play a guided meditation to relax your mind during your visit. 

After it’s all said and done, get ready to have a new, sacred friend in Lauren. As a working mom of three, who’s been through a lot let’s just say things that used to scare her don’t hold power over her anymore. Dedicating a life to the service of others has helped guide her to better fulfillment and self care, so if you’re on that same path then this will be a match made in heaven! 
Through these acts of love we do to adorn ourselves we not only transform our physical appearance but we raise the level of our energetic vibration, we transform our reality and become the most beautiful version of ourselves. Blessings from her heart to yours 🙏🏼🤍

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