Crew Love Is True Love

Nothing is more important than loving the people you work with. 

    Tara Murphy is the owner  of Estrella Collective, hailing from Long Island, New York, living and loving in Santa Cruz, CA since early 2014. She has a love of hip hop that started at the age of 11 when she purchased her first cassette tape, the Beastie Boys “License to Ill”. Her love of yoga began the very first day she stepped onto a mat  and has been a revolutionary journey ever since. And her love of hair styling began when she decided her Barbies needed haircuts.

    Tara has extensive leadership, sales, and entrepreneurial experience, with  22+ years of hands-on experience in the beauty and service industry , as well as owning and operating Want Good Hair? on Long Island, New York  for nearly seven years, prior to relocating to Santa Cruz. Miss Murphy has been practicing Yoga for over 13 years, teaching for 8, in New York, Australia and most currently, Santa Cruz, California.  Her credentials with Yoga include an advanced 500 hour certification , as well as numerous and extensive workshops, trainings and classes. Tara is also an accomplished professional Bellydancer, her credentials are teacher, performer, choreographer, costume designer and  creative director of The Kali, a Tribal Fusion dance troupe based out of Northport, New York. Miss Murphy has graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in May 2018, and she has been actively seeing clients and building her Holistic Health Coaching business.

              In addition to slingin' hair 3 days a week at Estrella Collective, Tara teaches yoga and bellydance classes, makes client’s smiles sparkle with Tooth Gems  and helps clients help themselves with Holistic Health Coaching. Her past yoga employment in Santa Cruz has included instructing all levels classes at Toadal Fitness, taught the probation officers at the Juvenile Detention Center, a heated Hatha Flow class at Village Yoga Santa Cruz and Wu-Tang Yoga once a month at Dogpatch Dance & Yoga in San Francisco. Tara has lead Wu Tang Yoga Workshops in NYC and SC, working diligently to bridge the gap between yoga and hip hop.

         Tara believes the “off-the-mat” training is what's most beneficial and she knows nothing compares to living the yoga in daily life. Tara's Flow classes are uplifting, open, humorous and her grounded, realistic approach engages students on many levels, as they leave feeling supported, encouraged and aligned, and hopefully laughing.

         When Tara decided to become an instructor, she realized her purpose almost immediately; to bring yoga to those who wouldn't necessarily go out and seek it. Yoga is a special, life-altering gift that needs to be shared, perhaps in more places than just yoga studios.



I believe that cultivating a joyful existence comes from a compassionate connection to the self. This compassion flows from inside out, connecting individuals to communities, and spreading joy through the world. Yoga offers this connection to self through it’s dynamic ability to challenge and nurture the body while holding a mirror to our life’s physical tendencies and emotional patterns. It is this dynamic relationship of sthira sukham that I offer to students. With a 500-hr YA certification and a background in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, Forrest Yoga, and Gentle Yoga, my classes are strong and rhythmic, they balance intensity and lightness, and encourage the practitioner to turn their awareness inward to strengthen their bodymind connection. Through an advanced knowledge of functional anatomy and yoga alignment principles I offer creative yet safe asana sequencing with deliberate guidance and fluid communication. With over 7 years of teaching experience in public, corporate, and private environments, adapting my instruction to fit an individuals needs according to experience, injury, or intention is fundamental and echos my belief in cultivating self awareness and compassion on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

Music was my introduction to the arts which naturally led to my love of dance and whole body wellbeing.
As a teenager I discovered a passion for physical fitness. My first aerobics class I was instantly hooked, blending music and fitness together. This was the catalyst that has driven me to explore and discover the many ways I can connect to mind, body, and spirit.
In 2008, I decided to experience dance on a whole new level and registered for ballet and modern at Monterey Peninsula College. After taking a couple of semesters, I wanted to improve my balance, flexibility, and stamina. A dear friend of mine suggested I give yoga a whirl. Following my bliss led me to the world of yoga and its beautiful kinship with dance. Being in the moment, connecting and moving with breath, letting go of the ego, and opening up to a higher consciousness has enhanced my ability, not only in dance, but in life itself.
This experience gave me the desire to dive deeper into my yoga practice. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training, rooted in Hatha Yoga, at The Yoga Center of Carmel. I’m also registered with Yoga Alliance. In 2017, I received my certification for Buti Yoga at Body In Motion Pilates Studio.
As a teacher I hope to be a guiding light for students on their yoga path, opening an awareness and connection to body, breath, and mind; help them tap into their inner power, the love and wisdom they carry within.
When I am not on my mat or bare foot, raising my vibration, on the studio floor, I work full time as a Registered Dental Assistant in Monterey. Which I've had the pleasure doing for 20 years.
“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life.” ~ BKS Iyengar



Alix Cardenas gained her love of tattoos and art at a young age. As an adult, it became only natural for her to explore tattooing on her own body, using it as a canvas of self expression. Her passion evolved into a lifestyle, and within this lifestyle, Alix dove in the realm of traditional tattooing. After a few years of doing this, Alix experienced a new love for the art form when she explored the world of cosmetic tattoo. After studying with master artist Joanne Hinh, Alix worked in a few different studios before finding a nest at Estrella Collective. There, in an environment which not only matches her soul, but challenges her to be the best version of herself, she offers a variety of cosmetic tattooing from: microblading, eyeliner, beauty marks, freckles, and ombre-style brows, which she hopes others will utilize to also seek the best version of themselves. 


Nothing validates her passion more than satisfying her clients. She is inspired by the diversity of her clients, and she prides herself on exponentially improving her craft by studying the newest, and most effective techniques, using the best supplies, and actively searching the industry she resides in for constant inspiration.


This mermaid hails from the North Atlantic shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and has taught in Canada, USA, & India.  She began her love for yoga fifteen years ago and found her heart at hohm in the Kundalini Yoga lineage.  In 2013 she travelled to Rishikesh, India to study with world renowned teachers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Nirvairs, Guru Dev Singh,  & Guru Dharam Singh.  With this potent 200hr teacher training immersion, Jazz was able to fully immerse in the experience of this spiritual technology in its homeland beside the Ganges River.  Jazz Sarab Meher Kaur brings her well rounded toolbox of gems to a unique experience for every class including live music and energy healing. With a clear intention to serve her community and all of humanity she devotes her life to helping others to heal and to be empowered.   Her channeled Kundalini Yoga name is Sarab Meher Kaur which means ‘all pervading kindness and compassion through grace’.  She now resides in beautiful Santa Cruz, California enjoying the blissings of life with her Husband and two dogs.  Other studies and occupations include: Musician, Songwriter, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healing, Dowsing, Crystal Therapy, Quantum Touch, Energy work, Raw Food Chef, Raw Chocolateir, Sacred Plant Medicine Journeying.


Braider/ Licensed Esthetician with 5+ years professional experience doing hair and make-up for stage performances, photo/video shoots, fashion shows, weddings and special events. Alajha’s knowledge and awareness of counter culture beauty gives her insight on techiniques and trends best for all types of hair and skin. Alajha brings her passion for expression and transformation not only to her services but to the energy and renewal you will experience in her chair. Let the transformation of your greatest beauty desires begin!


Kaelin began bellydancing in Topanga Canyon at eight years old with Melanie Kareem’s Middle Eastern Dance School. She fell in love with world dance and began her journey of Egyptian belly dance, Tribal fusion belly dance , Jazz, Ballet, Odissi Indian dance and Tahitian. She studied with Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Carolina Nerricio, and Suhaila Salimpour for bellydance. Kaelin performed all over Los Angeles for parties, weddings and events. Dance encouraged her to grow and gain confidence through creative expression.   Kaelin found her sensuality through dance and she believes anyone can tap into that same divine feminine energy through Sensual Movement. 


Melanie Myers  believes dance is an innate resource all humans have a capacity to tap into.  She has been a student of African dance for the last 15 years. When health issues kept her from dancing she found Chi gong, which  enabled her to expand her perception of movement with breath, energy pathways and how they support her dance. The integration of this knowledge into her dance has created freedom  of movement and expression, deep pleasure, and connection.


With a spirit that comes from the deep freshwater springs of Florida, to growing up on a farm in western New York I was raised to live from the land. My passion for healing comes directly from the earth and the plants she provides. I studied horticulture and botany in Canandaigua, NY. As I gained more insight about plant science my love for natural plant based medicines grew. In 2015 my passion for alternative medicine led me to massage school in Santa Cruz. I trained in Swedish, polarity, craniosacral, tui na, and Thai at Cypress Health Institute. While learning Thai at Cypress I was inspired by a dear friend and teacher, who specialized in Thai, to do the same. In June 2017 I studied Traditional Thai Therapy at the SVG Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Upon completion of my training at SVG my teacher told me that he could see the universe in my hands, and the stars that I hold are for healing. With this gift I intend to heal.


Heather's eighteen years old and goes to Cabrillo College. Heather has been dancing for over ten years and has been teaching dance for three years now. She teaches at two different studios, Kristy's School of Dance, for kids and, Estrella Collective, for adults. Heather studies dance at Cabrillo College and is gaining more experience with choreography and teaching. Heather is also a teacher aid for the hip hop class at Cabrillo. Her hip hop class will teach new moves and a choreographed dance piece at the end of each class. She will focus on techniques like rhythm, strength, isolations of the body, and control. She will also teach how to count music and pick up choreography. Her classes are designed to give students confidence and experience and even fun moves to do at home or with friends/family. Heather loves to dance and is always taking classes, teaching or performing.

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