Translates to “Star” in Spanish.



A cooperative enterprise.

Estrella Collective is a lifestyle salon and alternative yoga studio, where inner and outer beauty collide.  Our broad range of high-end services include : Hair Styling, dreadlocks,  Yoga, Dance,  Holistic Health Coaching, bridal services, Tooth Gems, Microblading , Thai bodywork and Love.


Our mission at Estrella is simple; we offer affordable luxury paired with authenticity in our unique yoga classes, which translates to the modern day living yin and yang.  We are balanced and whole, black and white, sun and moon.  We encourage everyone to feel good on the inside, as well as the outside.


At EC, we organically create a warm and comfortable space, where guests feel at home, whether they are receiving energy work or getting a haircut. Our highly trained and super friendly staff know how to host and welcome!​

Being a “Green Business” is of utmost importance to us.  We follow environmentally friendly living, which includes exclusive biodynamic, organic and cruelty free Italian  hair care lines O Way and Davines, Young Living  Essential Oils, locally made, hand selected skin care lines and handmade jewelry.   Tara has mindfully chosen to carry and use Manduka Yoga Mats, a company that believes “Our design approach is rooted in principles of conservancy and transparency, creating mats, towels, props and apparel while also making every possible effort to minimize environmental waste.” 

Estrella Collective | 175 Walnut Avenue | Santa Cruz | 831-515-7445