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Do brides do hair or makeup first?

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Prioritizing Perfection: The Hair vs. Makeup Dilemma for Brides

As the countdown to your wedding day begins, every detail matters, from the dress and accessories to the flowers and decorations. Among these details, the question of whether to prioritize hair or makeup first can pose a significant dilemma. Both aspects play a crucial role in creating your desired bridal look, but deciding on the order can impact the overall flow of your pre-wedding preparations. In this guide, we'll explore the factors to consider when deciding whether brides should do their hair or makeup first and help you make an informed choice that ensures you walk down the aisle looking and feeling your best.

The Hair First Approach

Opting to have your hair done before your makeup has its advantages. For some brides, hair styling can be more time-consuming and complex than makeup application, so starting with hair ensures you have ample time for the hairstylist to work their magic. This approach also allows you to avoid any potential mishaps that could affect your makeup, such as hairspray or heat from styling tools interfering with the makeup application process.

Advantages of Hair First

1. Timing: Hair styling can often take longer than makeup application, so starting with hair ensures you have adequate time for both without feeling rushed.

2. Durability: Hairstyles tend to hold up well over time, making it a sensible choice to have your hair done first to maintain the style's integrity throughout the day.

3. Avoiding Smudging: Starting with hair can prevent any smudging or disruption of your makeup due to hair products or styling tools.

4. Comfort: After your hair is styled, you can comfortably sit for makeup application without worrying about messing up your hair.

5. Time for Adjustments: If you decide to make any last-minute changes to your hairstyle, having your hair done first provides the flexibility to do so without affecting your makeup.

The Makeup First Approach

Conversely, some brides prefer to have their makeup done first. Makeup application often involves products that can be more easily adjusted or corrected than hair styling. By having your makeup done first, you can ensure a flawless canvas for your makeup artist, and then proceed to style your hair accordingly. This order can also work well if you have a specific makeup look in mind that influences your hairstyle choices.

Advantages of Makeup First

1. Fresh Canvas: Starting with makeup ensures a clean and fresh canvas for the makeup artist, allowing them to create a flawless base for your bridal look.

2. Adjustments: If you're unsure about the intensity or colors of your makeup, starting with makeup gives you the opportunity to make adjustments before committing to a hairstyle.

3. Makeup Touch-Ups: Makeup can be more easily touched up throughout the day, so having your makeup done first allows for any necessary adjustments.

4. Influence on Hairstyle: If your makeup look heavily influences your hairstyle, it's logical to start with makeup to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Factors to Consider

1. Professional Recommendations: Consult with your hairstylist and makeup artist to get their input. Experienced professionals can often provide insights on what works best based on your hair type, skin condition, and desired look.

2. Personal Comfort: Consider your own comfort and preferences. If you're more concerned about one aspect than the other, prioritize that aspect first to alleviate any stress or worries.

3. Timeline: Your wedding day schedule can also impact the order. Consider factors such as when your photographer arrives, the timing of your ceremony, and the overall flow of the day.

4. Weather Conditions: If your wedding day involves outdoor activities or specific weather conditions, such as high humidity, your choice might be influenced by which aspect is more likely to be affected.

5. Trial Runs: The pre-wedding trial runs for both hair and makeup can help you determine which order works best for you. Test out both options to see how they feel and how they hold up.

Making the Decision

Ultimately, whether to do your hair or makeup first depends on your personal priorities and circumstances. Both approaches have their merits, so it's important to make the choice that aligns with your comfort, schedule, and vision for your bridal look. Collaborating closely with your hairstylist and makeup artist, along with trial runs, can help you confidently make the decision that ensures you feel radiant and beautiful as you walk down the aisle.


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