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Introducing “Missy Rose” ...

“Missy Rose” isn’t just a hoodie; it’s your eco-fashion companion with a flair for clever quips and a deep love for the planet. We’ve taken recycling to a whole new level, and this hoodie is so cool, even roses would envy its charm. 

🌱 Key Features 🌱

♻️ Eco-Warrior: “Missy Rose” is not your garden-variety hoodie; it’s a bloomin’ masterpiece of eco-fashion. Made from recycled materials, it’s like a bouquet of style for Earth lovers.

🌍 Unisex Magic: Just like the classic beauty of a rose, “Missy Rose” transcends gender. It’s a hoodie that anyone can wear, much like how a rose can make anyone’s day better.

🍃 Petal-Soft Comfort: Slip into “Missy Rose,” and you’ll understand why roses are often used to symbolize tenderness and care. It’s so soft and comfy, you’d swear it’s woven from rose petals.

🌿 Not Just A Hoodie: “Missy Rose” makes a an important statement: "Who needs a mirror when you've got self-love?". Sometimes we need a reminder.

♻️ Roses and Revolutions: Just like roses are a symbol of love and change, “Missy Rose” is your statement piece for a world that needs more love and less waste.

Savor the wit, embrace the eco-chic, and revel in the clever charm of “Missy Rose.” It’s the hoodie that laughs in the face of climate change while wrapping you in the warmth of eco-love.

🌹This  comfy unisex hoodie has a soft outside with a vibrant print and an even softer brushed fleece inside. The hoodie has a relaxed fit, and it’s perfect for wrapping yourself into on a chilly evening.

• 95% recycled polyester, 5% spandex
• Fabric weight (may vary by 5%): 9.08 oz./yd.² (308 g/m²)
• Soft cotton-feel fabric face
• Brushed fleece fabric inside
• Double-lined hood with design on both sides
• Unisex style
• Comes with drawstrings
• Overlock seams

EC/SC Unisex Hoodie in “Missy Rose”

PriceFrom $79.00
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