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Sound Healing 

       A sound bath is a very gentle, relaxing, and therapeutic experience where your body is fully immersed in a variety of live sounds created by sound facilitator, Jazz LeiAmora.  The soundscape unfolds with a succession of sounds beginning with breath and leading into any combination of instruments including chimes, drums, harmonium, crystal singing bowls, gongs, guitars, Celtic lever harps, crystal harps, and live looping.  This guided journey lasts about an hour starting soft, building to a crescendo, and ending with silence to integrate.


Either laying down or sitting in a meditative posture, the full-body listening experience allows participants to slow down their heart rate, induce meditative brainwave patterns, and bring calm to the body and mind.  Sound baths are an invitation into deep listening, rest, and restoration while creating a conversation of self-inquiry and self-discovery.  


This sound experience is available and intended for all lifestyles, bodies, and ages.  No experience is necessary, come dressed comfortably with an open mind and heart.


  • $400 : ​​up to 20 guests with Jazz, hosted at Estrella Collective


  • $550: two facilitators, up to 40 guests:

  • $700three facilitators, 60+ guests:


Most of our private Sound Bath clientele are generally larger groups in the corporate world who, for example, are visiting Santa Cruz from the Bay Area/Silicon Valley to host an interactive, team-building weekend experience for their employees!


 Another example is a smaller group from out of town, looking to create a unique event for, perhaps, a bridal shower or bachelorette party.  Jazz uses her years of expertise to discern if extra facilitators are needed,  as we want to provide you with the most immersive and rejuvenating experience possible.


We pride ourselves on tailoring each individual occasion for the client's needs and preferences and do travel to accommodate. In accordance with this, our off-site travel fee is an additional $150 flat fee.



**For bookings, availability, additional questions or info, please contact or you can text us via What'sApp or use the QR  code below.

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Crystal Soundbath Santa Cruz

Jazz LeiAmora, a first generation Filipina, grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia studying classical piano. Her parents helped to instill the gift of music for her at a very young age, which created a foundation of musical theory and fostered her love for this art of expression to blossom and grow. 

She fuses her love of music across genres of soul, neo soul, R&B, Motown, reggae, devotional mantra music, and medicine music making a whole new flavor of her own. Her voice channels the depths invoking a hypnotic meditative experience while her soundscape of instruments keeps the ear longing for more.  She sings in many different languages including Gurmukhi, Sanskrit, Spanish, Quechua and Portuguese. Some instruments she likes to play include piano, guitar, Celtic lever harp, looper, kalimba, harmonium, Crystal singing bowls & gong.  


She currently resides in Santa Cruz, CA with a new debut album, “Om Pachamama”, sharing sound in yoga classes, sound baths, meditations, international retreats, and sacred ceremonial prayer circles. 

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