gigi rainbow sound healing therapy

Vibrational Sound Healing 

This therapy is perfect to accompany transformations in life, to help materialize one's intentions and harmonize the energy field, in order to align your desires and plans. 


Our tools are vibration and sound from various instruments and energy work. 

Vibrational & Sound healing is combined with other modalities such as Tarot reading, guided meditation, and Reiki.

$99 for one hour session

Call us at 831.515.7445 to book or please contact Gigi at 415.489.8415



Born and raised in Argentina, currently based in Santa Cruz, Gigi Rainbow integrates her Latin American heritage with other cultural elements from America and Asia. She's worked in her own healing with Ayahuasca along with other psychedelic Sacred Medicines, in addition to Vipassana meditation retreats in California, Nepal, and Thailand.
She's also a DJ, as she appreciates dance and community celebration as a collective way of healing.

Gigi Rainbow is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner by Globe Institute, San Francisco (CA) and Tibetan Singing bowls from Kathmandu, Nepal, as well as initiated in Reiki and Akashic Records.


Listen to her on  Soundcloud: