“Tara”= means “Star” in Hindi.  Tara is a Goddess in Hindi mythology as well as Buddhist teachings, where she is recognized as Buddha's mother. She was born out of the tears of compassion and represents the maternal forces of protection, empathy and generosity of spirit.

Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy is the owner and mama bear of Estrella Collective, hailing from Long Island, New York, living and loving in Santa Cruz, CA since early 2014. She has a love of hip hop that started at the age of 11 when she purchased her first cassette tape, the Beastie Boys “License to Ill”. Her love of yoga began the very first day she stepped onto a mat  and has been a revolutionary journey ever since. And her love of hair styling began when she decided her Barbies needed haircuts.

    Tara has extensive leadership, sales, and entrepreneurial experience, with  22+ years of hands-on experience in the beauty and service industry , as well as owning and operating Want Good Hair? on Long Island, New York  for nearly seven years, prior to relocating to Santa Cruz. Miss Murphy has been practicing Yoga for over 13 years, teaching for 8, in New York, Australia and most currently, Santa Cruz, California.  Her credentials with Yoga include an advanced 500 hour certification , as well as numerous and extensive workshops, trainings and classes. Tara is also an accomplished professional Bellydancer, her credentials are teacher, performer, choreographer, costume designer and  creative director of The Kali, a Tribal Fusion dance troupe based out of NYC. Miss Murphy has graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in May 2018, and she has been actively seeing clients and building her Holistic Health Coaching business.

              In addition to slingin' hair 3 days a week at Estrella Collective, Tara teaches yoga and bellydance classes, makes client’s smiles sparkle with Tooth Gems  and helps clients help themselves with Holistic Health Coaching. Her past yoga employment in Santa Cruz has included instructing all levels classes at Toadal Fitness, taught the probation officers at the Juvenile Detention Center, a heated Hatha Flow class at Village Yoga Santa Cruz and Wu-Tang Yoga once a month at Dogpatch Dance & Yoga in San Francisco. Tara has lead Wu Tang Yoga Workshops in NYC and SC, working diligently to bridge the gap between yoga and hip hop.

         Tara believes the “off-the-mat” training is what's most beneficial and she knows nothing compares to living the yoga in daily life. Tara's Flow classes are uplifting, open, humorous and her grounded, realistic approach engages students on many levels, as they leave feeling supported, encouraged and aligned, and hopefully laughing.

         When Tara decided to become an instructor, she realized her purpose almost immediately; to bring yoga to those who wouldn't necessarily go out and seek it. Yoga is a special, life-altering gift that needs to be shared, perhaps in more places than just yoga studios.

Estrella Collective | 175 Walnut Avenue | Santa Cruz | 831-515-7445