Acro Yoga

AcroYoga is a partner acrobatics practice that fosters playfulness, communication, and trust. Come learn a flow of connected poses with LOLs (lots of levels) to cater to the newbie and seasoned acroyogi alike. Instructors Caitlin Binder and Courtney Rose warmly welcome you to find out this week's theme.

Acro is all about COMMUNITY! No experience or partner necessary. Come PLAY no matter what your level. We welcome BEGINNERS & FIRST-TIMERS in every class - newbies will learn a new pose or three while gaining strength and confidence. MORE EXPERIENCED MONKEYS
will practice variations and transitions to connect the pieces. Come fly with us!

Bellydance Fitness

A high energy, fun way to lose weight,  strengthen your core and connect to your feminine power! Recommended for beginners and those who are looking to improve their technique. You will learn belly dance postures, working with your internal rhythm,  developing isolated muscle movements, techniques and drilling, and combinations. Tribal Fusion and Classical Middle Eastern Cabaret styles are emphasized. Hip scarves, veils and smiles provided.

Buti Yoga

Buti, in Indian Marathi, means "the cure to something hidden or kept secret." This practice is a high-intensity fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. Classes combine cardio, strength training and flexibility in one seamless format. Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe.Buti® classes utilize spiral structure technique® to facilitate the release + toning of the body - physical, emotional and energetic. Through primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints, students breakdown the emotional barriers that hold them back from achieving self-love and true human connection.

Wu-Tang Yoga

In our 1 hour class , there is a short reading and open discussion from “The Tao of Wu” by Rza where  Tara connects the dots of real life, yoga, and hip hop. The asana portion is a Vinyasa Flow practice, set to samples, classic Wu-Tang tracks and our  favorite playlist of old and new school hip hop! This musical element is so important , as it provides a more dynamic and interactive piece to the class. Tara aims to bridge the gap between yoga, hip hop, Eastern philosophies and mediation. All levels welcome. Must love hip hop. ;)


Twerkesque mixes twerk, sensual dance and burlesque. In this class you will learn the techniques of twerking, sensual movement, and basic choreography to put all the styles together. This class aims to get you comfortable in your body and is for all levels. Come and explore your wild side. 

Sweat & Groove

Sweat & Groove is a rousing, high-intensity kinesthetic fitness program that exposes participants to a compelling range of dance forms and musical styles. Worldanz works to earnestly expand the dancer’s skill set through its distinct incorporation of unique movement challenges and absorbing dance rhythms. Its fusion of modern and traditional movement forms into a powerful anaerobic format designed to challenge the strongest of athletes while still being available to anyone wanting to move, learn and play.

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