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Crystal Rocks

 You got a lot to smile about, kid.

Our newly expanded tooth gem selection is absolutely stunning.

Added to the classic  Swarovski crystal collection, there are now a variety of shapes, colors and sizes! 

All gems , (real and Swarovski)  come straight from the manufacturer and are 100% genuine & authentic, lead and nickel free.

All designs are welcome here! got an inspo pic?  Show me, let's do it.

Tooth gems are guaranteed for 3 months (excluding molars and bottom row teeth).  they usually last from 3 months to 3 years! 



1 gem - $55 

2 gems - $90

 3 gems - $125

 4 gems - $160

5 gems -$195

6 gems - $230

7 gems - $265

8 gems - $300

*Special Pricing for a full tooth!

*Please note that the pricing is for the

classic Swarovski gems. The natural gems, larger shapes, and  24k gold are double.

(i.e. 1 gem = $100)


Now available:

*Real Gems:

~smoky & rose quartz






 *24K SOLID GOLD  and 18K gold  and silver plated shapes

*24-hour cancellation policy applies

 50% charge of service if cancellation under 24 hours

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Crystal Rocks

Why You Should Get a Tooth Gem ✨


1. They Cause Zero Damage When Correctly Applied

It’s always essential to ensure your teeth look fantastic, right? Not only do tooth gems make your teeth look superb—but they also cause no damage to your teeth if applied correctly. Your teeth will look extra special without any long-term issues because they're lead and nickel-free, and we ensure maximum safety when applying.

2. You Can Feel More Confident

We all know how important your confidence is. So why not take advantage of your natural gems, make your teeth look incredible, and boost your confidence simultaneously? Tooth gems are the ultimate way to enhance your smile and beauty. With our beautiful range of tooth gems, your options are endless.


3. They’re a Major Fashion Statement

We have a massive list of tooth gems—including opal, moonstone, larimar, and smoky and rose quartz. We also offer stunning 24k and 18k gold to silver-plated shapes. Whichever option you choose, you’ll make a monumental fashion statement. Various celebrities, including Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner, use tooth gems. If you’re unsure which option suits you the best, we’ll help you decide.


4. Our Gems Are 100% Genuine

You must use genuine gems because they look better, last longer, and prevent damage to your teeth. We’re proud to say all our tooth gems are 100% genuine. We ensure our gems last between 3 months and three years, so you don’t need to worry about a lack of authenticity and poor quality.


5. They’re 100% Reversible

If you’re unsure about having tooth gems, we’re happy to see our teeth gems are 100% reversible. So you don’t need to worry about damaging your teeth or making long-term decisions when using our tooth gems.


6. It’s a Painless Procedure

Are you worried about pain when applying tooth gems? We understand, but you don’t need to worry. The application doesn’t involve any invasive treatment of your teeth. Instead, you’ll simply enhance your million-dollar smile.

7. What's more fun than having a sparkly smile?!

24k yellow star and moon
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