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Dreadlock Alchemy
with Annette LeFever

Annette is back!  You can book your appointments here!

Interested in beginning a new Dread experience? Having a hard time finding a Loctician to cater to your individual hair and scalp needs? Curious about adding length to your existing locs? Look no further, you have found your new stylist.

Dreadlock Alchemy is a technique used to prevent hair loss and create sustainable dreads to last a lifetime.

Dreadlocks, when done improperly or left uncared for can cause traction alopecia , a condition that causes bald patches to appear on the scalp. Luckily, with Dreadlock Alchemy , this can be prevented. With this technique , we take a deeper look into hair care, maintenance and lifestyle choices which will protect your scalp, especially as as your locs to grow strong and healthy over time .


In addition To caring for your locs , we will discuss self care which can be done at home , to maximize your dread experience and keep your locs happy and healthy. This is a custom hairstyle, as each journey is unique to the Individual based on their dread and maintenance history, their lifestyle, and personal scalp and health issues. 

To get started, let's book a free 30 min. consultation.


Here's what to expect during the consult:

  • we will discuss your personal dread needs and take a deeper look into Annette's innovative and unique technique using the crochet method. this will determine if this is the right path for you. 

  • Reviewing your deadlock history 

  • discuss haircare routine and maintenance

  • go over pricing and scheduling 

  • and don't worry, we'll have plenty of time for Q & A

A key component to dreadlock alchemy is taking an extensive look into the health of your body and scalp, as this allows the follicles and hair to remain strong to support your locks as your journey unfolds. We have an amazing Trichologist (scalp and hair loss specialist) who can offer insight and solutions to stubborn and/or severe scalp conditions, as well as hair loss prevention.

Services offered include:

  • beginning new dread journeys

  • revamping existing locs in order to protect your scalp as well as achieve the dread vision you are looking for 

  • standard dread maintenance

  • lengthening new or existing locs with 100% human hair extensions

  • braid-in temporary locs/loc extensions 

  • updo style for formal events

  • dreadlock removal

  • scalp treatment and cleanse with our certified trichologist

  • deep cleansing loc soak 




  • Standard maintenance is $85/hour 

  • We require a $50 deposit for standard appointments and  $100 deposit for extension appts plus cost of hair 

  • As this is a custom hairstyle, pricing varies depending on which service you are interested in 

  • All pricing and any questions you have will be discussed in the free consultation

Estrella's Cancellation Policy:

Cancelling under 24 hours or a no-show, you will be charged 50% of the entire service

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Tips and Tricks For Healthy Locs

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