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The Time -Based Factor: Why Haircuts are Gender Neutral at Estrella Collective.

When it comes to haircuts, styling, or coloring, one common pricing strategy adopted by many hair stylists is charging by time. While some may question this approach, it’s important for us to have you understand the rationale behind it. At EC, we charge by time for our hair cutting services, and we will delve into the reasons why we chose that decision. By the end, you’ll gain insight into the fairness, flexibility, and expertise that underpin this pricing structure.

1. Tailored Services:
Every individual’s hair is unique, and the desired outcome can vary greatly from client to client. Charging by time allows hair stylists to provide tailored services that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each client. Some haircuts may require intricate detailing, other clients might just need a quick trim or a dry cut. By charging for time, we can allocate the necessary hours and attention to ensure a satisfactory and personalized result.
2. Choose Your Own Adventure:
This put the client even more in the driver's seat. They get t choose if they need a blow dry, for example. It also makes cutting services gender-neutral. Traditionally, hair cuts are priced by "w0men's" or "men's", however with time-based pricing, it makes the experience not about the gender, but more about how long it takes. The more hair, the more time!
3. Time-Intensive Services:
Certain hair treatments or styling procedures are inherently time-consuming. Complex coloring techniques, hair extensions, intricate updos, or chemical treatments may require several hours to achieve the desired outcome. Charging by time compensates hair stylists for the effort and dedication they put into these more intricate services. It also allows them to prioritize precision and attention to detail, ensuring the best possible results.
4. Flexibility and Personal Attention:
Charging by time enables flexibility for both the hair stylist and the client. This approach allows stylists to work at a comfortable pace, without rushing through the process. They can focus on providing personalized attention, understanding client preferences, and adapting the service accordingly. By valuing time as a resource, hair stylists can ensure a more relaxed and attentive experience, fostering trust and building lasting client relationships.
5. Value for Clients:
While some may argue that charging by time could result in higher costs, it’s important to consider the overall value provided. With this pricing structure, clients receive the benefit of a customized service that meets their specific needs. By investing time in understanding their requirements, hair stylists can offer recommendations, suggest suitable styles, and provide expert advice. Clients can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their stylist is fully committed to delivering an exceptional result.

Time-based pricing in the hair styling industry is a fair and justified approach that recognizes the unique nature of each client’s hair and the expertise required to bring their vision to life. Ultimately, charging by time ensures that clients receive top-notch service, leaving the salon feeling confident and satisfied with their hair transformation!
Beautiful curls and cut
Mary Rose loves her cut by Tara!


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