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Behold the “Daisy” Recycled String Bikini – the sassy little number that’s about to turn your beach game into a comedy show of confidence and eco-chic flair! 🌼👙

Oh, "Daisy", you cheeky thing! We’ve taken recycled materials and sprinkled them with fairy dust to create this bikini of pure sunshine. Say goodbye to boring swimwear and hello to the bikini that’s got everyone buzzing with envy!

Imagine yourself strolling along the sandy shores, turning heads faster than a lifeguard chasing seagulls. "Daisy" will have you feeling like the ultimate beach goddess, radiating charm and wit that’s just as dazzling as those summer rays.

Made from recycled materials, this bikini screams “environmentally conscious,” and trust us, Mother Nature is giving us a standing ovation for this one!

But hold on to your sunscreen because Daisy’s got more tricks up her sleeves (or lack thereof)! The adjustable string design lets you customize your fit like a true bikini magician. Feel like a high-waisted queen today? No problem! Want to channel your inner Baywatch babe tomorrow? Done and done! Why? Because we love options.

And let’s talk about the gingham pattern. Who said picnic vibes were only for checkered blankets? "Daisy" is bringing the classic charm of those summer picnics to your beach look. Just be warned – you might attract some curious ants, but hey, they can enjoy the view too!

Stay comfortable and stylish all summer with the "Daisy" Recycled String Bikini set. So, are you ready to unleash your inner beach babe with a splash of humor and eco-conscious flair? "Daisy" is waiting to accompany you on all your beachside escapades, making waves and leaving laughter in your wake. Get ready to turn the beach into your very own stand-up comedy stage – and hey, the audience is going to love it! 😉

• Soft and stretchy material with UPF 50+
• Sizes up to 2XL
• Bikini top comes with removable padding for comfort
• Multiple ways to tie and style the bikini set

• Due to the 2-layered construction and internal stitching, a visible stitch may appear in the crotch seam of the bikini bottom. This is a normal part of the manufacturing process and does not impact the quality or performance of the product.
• To make your beloved Recycled String Bikini last longer, thoroughly rinse it off after each use and get rid of any chlorine/salt residue.

EC/SC Recycled String Bikini in "Daisy"

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